Shubie Park is a 40-acre (160,000 m²) urban park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia maintained by the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Heavily forested, Shubie Park is roughly linear in shape as it is bounded on the north and west by Highway 118 expressway and on the south and east by Lake Micmac and the southern edge of Lake Charles.  A section of the Shubenacadie Canal passes through the park, from which the park takes its name.

Shubie Park contains trails and an interpretive facility called the Fairbanks Centre next to the Canal and close to Locks 2 and 3 which are between Lakes Micmac and Charles. The Fairbanks Centre features a working scale model of canal lock mechanisms as well as a number of other displays.  At the Centre visitors are able to pick up printed guides to the trail which goes on either side of the man-made channel between the two lakes which is just over a kilometer long.  There are a number of interpretive signs along this trail which provide information about the history of the Waterway.  The brochure includes directions for other trails in the Park as well.

The featured trail follows a remaining section of the waterway along the west side of Lake Charles and on to Porto Bello.  Unfortunately at this time there is no connection to the Lake William Trail which will eventually allow hikers to make their way to Waverley and on to Lake Thomas.  In the other direction it connects to the Graham’s Grove Park and continues toward downtown Dartmouth via Sullivans Pond Park and the Canal Marine Railway or Greenway park.  In this area it is also possible to link up with the Harbour front trail which carries on down to the Ferry Terminal in Woodside. 

People wishing to hike these trails are encouraged to drop into the Fairbanks Centre to obtain additional information.

Getting Here

Driving: The park is located just off Waverley Road in Dartmouth, which features designated bike lanes on both sides of the road. The main parking lot is just outside the Fairbanks Centre at 54 Locks Road.

Transit: Halifax Transit Route 55 Port Wallace runs along Waverley Road, with multiple stops very close to the park. The route begins at the Bridge Terminal (Bay 1) in downtown Dartmouth and also stops at the Mic Mac Mall. To get to the Fairbanks Centre or the canal locks, get off the bus at the Montebello Drive stop and walk up Locks Road from there. See Halifax Transit’s website for bus schedules and route maps, or use a supported app like Google Maps or Transit.

Biking / Walking: Coming from central Dartmouth, Waverley Road offers bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides leading up to Locks Road. For a more scenic route, follow the Great Trail (formerly the Trans-Canada Trail), which connects Shubie Park with downtown Dartmouth and beyond.



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Beautiful first day of fall 2018 along the Shubenacadie Canal Trails, sunlight dancing thru the trees to highlight the beauty that surrounds us. Video by Linn Atkinson

HOT WALK along the canal to Lake Charles today.. most all the animals and birds I met along the way were seeking shade!, even the ducks...except for The Blue Dasher Dragonfly who of course is happy happy! Enjoy your walk with me, you won't break a sweat but I sure did.
Winter wonderland in Shubie Park Feb 2018. Video by Linn Atkinson
Video by Brigid Milway
Walk in Shubie Park May 2018. Video by Linn Atkinson