Atlantic Weekly, Dec 9th, 1899

…..there is only one instance where water power is used on a great scale.  The founders of …..Starr Manufacturing Co. Ltd., when they commenced to manufacture the famous self-fastening skates, now called the Acme, over thirty years ago, realized that money could be saved by using the water that flowed down through Dartmouth Lakes, through the town of Dartmouth and into Halifax Harbour.  They accordingly decided to forsake the idea of using steam power for driving their machinery and instead of purchasing a costly boiler and engine, installed a turbine water wheel.  They then made arrangements for the control of the water which came to them by way of the Shubenacadie Canal.

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Lock stones uncovered

During recent work happening at the Lock 4 site, in Fall River, the contractor uncovered lock stones with mason's marks on them. The Stone Masons were paid on the basis of the number of stones they produced and the marks indicated which Mason did the work.  It is believed that the stones were used in the first phase of construction 1826-1831; reused during the second phase of construction period 1854-1861 and continue to be used for the present work. 


Annual Canoe Race in Shubie Park

Fred Lynch / Arthur Weston Marathon Canoe Race

The Shubenacadie Canal had been a popular canoe racing venue since 1920.  That long history will be celebrated this year on 14 October, as canoe and kayak paddlers set off from Lock One in Lake Banook to race 16 km. to the top of Lake Charles, go around a turn buoy and then paddle back to Lake Banook in Dartmouth. The race includes two 400-metre portages through Shubie Park, the traditional spot for ‘pit crews’ to hand energy bars to their teams, take picture, or just cheer the paddlers on. The event is named after two former paddling champions on the lakes.

Start time: 10 am on October 14, 2017 at Lion’s Beach next to Lock One.

-Allan Billard