Twice per day, the Bay of Fundy’s highest tides in the world cause a rush of water to enter the Shubenacadie River near Maitland. This phenomenon, called a tidal bore, creates standing waves and can raise the water level by more than nine metres (30 feet) compared to low tide.

Various tour operators exist along the Shubenacadie River to offer whitewater rafting experiences of the tidal bore in a manner that is both challenging and safe for the whole family. These operators follow the tide cycles closely and can advise how strong the tidal bore will be at any given time. During the summer, roughly speaking, the fastest water tends to occur in the third week of May, the second week of June, the first weeks of July and August, and the last week of September.

These tour operators may also provide other activities along the river, such as sliding along the mud banks.

The Shubenacadie Canal Commission does not operate any rafting activities and is not affiliated with any of the following operators. This information is provided for ease of reference only. Please contact the tour operators directly to confirm availability and any other details.

Shubenacadie River Runners (external link), 8681 Highway 215, Maitland, NS

Bára Whitewater Rafting (external link), 10061 Highway 215, South Maitland, NS

Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures (external link), 45 Hwy 236, Green Oaks, NS

Shubie River Wranglers (external link), 90 Phillips Rd, Green Oaks, NS

Tidal Bore Rafting Resort (external link), 12215 Highway 215, Urbania, NS

Wild Waters Rafting (external link)