Choose your own adventure

Experience the natural beauty and unique history of the Shubenacadie Canal Waterway! As a multi-use trail, and waterway, stretching from the Atlantic to the Bay of Fundy, the Shubenacadie Canal Waterway provides diverse recreational opportunities for visitors to experience and enjoy its natural beauty and unique history. Visitors may choose their own adventures along the 114km province-wide waterway. Well maintained trails provide walking, cycling, camping, and cross-country skiing opportunities within the affiliated park areas. Entry level to expert paddlers will enjoy boating, canoeing and kayaking along the Canal Waterway. The more adventurous can take on the World's highest tides at the upper end of the waterway, where the Shubenacadie River meets the waters of the Bay of Fundy near Maitland, Nova Scotia. White water rafting on the the tidal bore rapids is a safe and fun adventure for the whole family and there are numerous tour operators in the area that provide this exhilarating experience to visitors.