Please complete the form below to request use of the Greenspace behind the Fairbanks Centre at 54 Locks Rd. You will be notified by email when this request has been approved.  

SCC does not charge for the use of the greenspace adjacent to the Fairbanks Center. We provide this space for the use of non-profit organizations and community members to hold events and fund raise. It is important to note that the SCC is a non-profit as well and would welcome a donation to be used to improve the amenities of the park.

Check calendar below and look for Greenspace ONLY bookings.

You MUST contact Tracy @ the HRM (902) 490-4518 for ALL other events that you would like to have in Shubie Park including the use of the Ball Field.

Request For Shubie Park (Fairbanks Centre) Greenspace Use

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Fairbanks Centre Greenspace Conditions for Use

These conditions of use apply to the Shubenacadie Canal Commission (SCC) property in Shubie Park around the Fairbanks Centre at 54 Locks Rd. including: greenspace and parking lot.

  • The Green Space behind the Fairbanks Centre is a non-smoking and on leash pet area. Please abide by these bylaws.

  • The parking lot or roadway is not to be blocked.

  • The park is open to the public, so all arrangements must be made to not block trails or prevent park goers from enjoying the park.

  • If your event includes vendors. Vendor details must be forwarded to SCC at least one week prior to the event.

  • The vendor areas (Canoe/Kayak rentals & Kiosk/patio area) are reserved for these businesses

  • Please note on map the options for portable washrooms (orange stars). The public HRM washroom is open daily by HRM staff.

  • Any markings or signs used in the park, or on SCC property, must be completely removed after the event.