Also known as Horne’s Lock, Lock 6 is located in the Horne Settlement area of Enfield. It is the first lock that boats would encounter after entering the Shubenacadie River from Grand Lake. It was built in 1857 using American construction methods. Although its rubble stone walls are largely intact, they would have been lined with wooden planks while the canal was in operation. If you look carefully, you can still see the remains of one upper gate just below the surface of the water.

Lock 6, like Lock 7, is what is known as a bypass lock. Rather than being built directly into the river, Lock 6 was located within a 152 m (500 ft) long channel dug around the rapids. A weir dam was then placed in the river, raising the water level in the channel and flooding the rapids upstream. This made the entire portion of the river leading up to the lock easier for boats to navigate.

Today, the area of Lock 6 is a public park called Lock 6 Park. It features wooded walking trails and a network of boardwalks to allow visitors to view the nearby wetlands.

Robert Walsh Photographs

Below, you are able to see Lock 6 through the lens of photographer Robert Walsh.

Robert Walsh Photography - Lock 6

Robert Walsh Photography - Lock 6