Do you recognize the names of these Canal workers?

Michael Barry, John Bastible, Daniel Callahan and Cornelius Callahan were four of the laborers who worked on the Canal.  It is also possible they may have been on the ship, Corsair, which arrived in the harbor from Scotland in 1827.  While we don’t know just what work these men undertook they may have been a part of the labour force which undertook the task of excavating the area where the present day Sullivans Pond is located.   There had been a stream flowing from Lake Banook to Dartmouth Covebut the Canal Company required a much larger supply of water to fill the five locks which raised and lowered the boats as they went to and from the Harbour.  Looking at the Pond now it is difficult to imagine the amount of work required to dig out this basin but we know they had to have done it. 

-Bernie Hart