Lock 5 Weir circa 1968

In the photo below (taken by Rob Baker ) you can see the dam at Lock 5.  The Lock chamber is at one side of the dam which can be seen on the right. This Lock was within the territory of the Canal overseen by Lock Keeper, William King.   His zone began at the south end of Lake William where Henry Findlay’s responsibility terminated.  William’s house was very close to Lock 5 at Wellington and can be also seen in this photo.  The water is flowing north from Fletcher Lake and the dam which is featured is at the end of the stream where it enters Grand Lake.  The Lock 5 granite stone chamber is not visible but is to the right or west of the dam.   This was, and still is, a granite lock which is composed of stone cut from the quarry at Fletcher Lake.  If permission is given to reconstruct the dam, this Lock system could function once again.  The Lock chamber has been repaired and the gates are able to function.  If permission is given to complete this work, boats will once again be able to pass between Grand and Fletcher Lakes.