Stonemasons who worked on the canal-Patterson, Power and Purcell

This article on the Canal workers and their families features three stonemasons – William Patterson, John Power and William Purcell. Obviously, with the Locks being constructed with granite, these men played very important roles. During the first construction period, which is when our three masons would have been involved, no less than five granite locks were constructed between the Harbour and Sullivans Pond. While we can’t be certain, it is very likely these masons were involved in this work.
If you have driven along the lower section of Prince Albert Rd during the past few weeks you have seen the life-size replica of the Canal Cradle as well as the partially constructed Power House. What you have not yet been able to see is the underground stone Turbine Chamber and what is so very interesting about the Chamber is that the east and west granite walls are the remains of one of the original Locks which may have been built by one or more of our three Stone Masons. When this Greenway Project has been completed visitors will be able to look down into the Chamber and see these one hundred and eighty year old walls. Do any of these three names ring a bell – Patterson, Power or Purcell?