The Oldest Tree in Shubie Park

A living link to the canal

As many frequent visitors to Shubie Park will know, there is a ravine of old hemlock trees within the woods. Several of these trees are majestically large, and lead one to wonder just how long they have stood. Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, who took a core sample of one on Open Forest Day, we now know exactly how old the largest one is: 178 years. That means that this tree began its growth in 1838, in-between the two stages of construction of the Shubenacadie Canal, and is the oldest tree in the park as far as we know.

By the time the second stage of construction began, in 1854, this tree would have been a decent size, but too small to be harvested, which could be part why it still stands to this day. So the next time you are walking through the park, take a moment to find this tree, which is near the off leash area near the beach, and appreciate it in all of its glory.

– Martin Earle