New exhibit at the Fairbanks Centre

Visitors to the Fairbanks Centre will be treated to a new exhibit – a restored hundred plus year old Peterborough canoe which was donated by its most recent owner, Dr. Donald Gordon.  Not long after the opening of the Fairbanks Centre a fibre glass replica of a birchbark Mi’maq canoe was suspended from the ceiling and now visitors will see this second craft which is turned upside down so that people can view its interior.  The canoe which was built by the Peterbrough Canoe Company in the early 1900s was initially acquired by the Banook Canoe Club and subsequently purchased from them in the late 1940s by Fred Gordon of Milton, Hants Co.  Because of his interest in restoring canoes Don Gordon was delighted to be able to acquire the canoe in 1994 and he began the long and arduous task of restoring it. Three years later Don had the pleasure of launching his prized possession at Birch Cove on Lake Banook.  When you next visit the Centre you will be able to observe Don’s handiwork as the canoe is suspended so that you can see all of the inside features – an interesting contrast to present day craft.

-by Bernie Hart