Skilled workers from Scotland hired to work on the Canal. Could they be related to you?

Try to imagine it is 1827 and you are leaving Scotland on board the sailing ship, Corsair, bound for a strange land named Nova Scotia which you know nothing about.  You were recruited to work on the Shubenacadie Canal by Mr. John Kidd who was sent to Scotland to hire skilled workers.   When Mr. Kidd arrived in Glasgow you had just finished work on the Forth and Clyde Canal and you were looking for a new opportunity so you accepted his offer.

Following a long journey you are staring at the sides of a strange harbor wondering what life here will be like.  Before long you are in the community known as Dartmouth meeting with other Canal workers who take you into their small homes until you will have a chance to build your own.  Could one of these folks be a relative of yours?  We have been publishing the names of these Canal workers in the hope that someone may discover a connection with their family and let us know.  The names we are currently seeking are: James Falin (Stone Mason), Hector Elliott (Stone Mason), Timothy Carogan (Navvie) and Matty Farrell (Carpenter).