Are you related to the canal worker E. Griswold?

An important trade required during the construction and operation of the Shubenacadie Canal was blacksmithing.  One can imagine the many metal materials and tools which would be essential.  On Daniel Hoard’s crew list for 1830 the last Blacksmith we have listed was E. Griswold.  We know that there was a Blacksmith’s Forge along the west side of the channel between lakes Micmac and Charles and it is very likely Mr. Griswold would have worked there.  To find the remains of the Shop you walk on the west side of the waterway in Shubie Park.  It is about half way between the Camp Ground and Lake Charles.  Once you find the site you will be able to find out more about its use from the metal plaque which includes a written description as well as illustrations depicting the shop.

Do you know anyone in Dartmouth named Griswold? They may be related to a Canal worker. Let us know.