The photo above shows the upper part of the incline running from the stream flowing from Lake Charles and heading towards Lake William.

This was the first of the two marine railways to be constructed in the 1860s to complete the Shubenacadie Canal and was the first of its kind in British North America. It was based on similar systems that were in use on the Morris Canal in New Jersey. It replaced two locks and transferred vessels over a distance of approximately 600 feet, while it lowered and raised vessels approximately 33 feet. It was operated by lock keeper Henry Findlay, who was responsible for the section of the canal between Halifax Harbour and Lake William. The actual location of the turbine chamber for this marine railway is still a mystery! 

Robert Walsh Photographs

Below you are able to see the Portobello Marine Railway through the lens of photographer Robert Walsh.

New interpretive panels installed at Portobello Marine Railway.