Feb & March 1827

Historic Canal Construction REPORT: FEBRUARY & MARCH, 1827

The expenditure of the contractor  has otherwise been considerable during this period. 800 of Granite Lock stone has been removed from the quarry to Dartmouth Lake, 60 casks of Roman Cement has been provided and 80 Tons extra of Lime. Clearing of the ground for Lake Loon Reservoir has proceeded for three weeks with a party of seven workmen. The Total number of laborers and workmen that been employed with these various departments will average about one hundred.

January 1827


During the present month, the canal works have proceeded with as much rapidity as anticipated by last report, about fifty workmen continue employed upon the deep cutting of No.2 Section, from 12 to 50 axemen have been employed with cordwood for Lime Burning. 54 are at present engaged near York Redoubt with Quarrying and Blocking out Granite Rock for Lock Work, besides carpenters and other auxiliary’s (sic) amounting in all to 20 men...The castings and iron works for the Locks, commissioned from England are expected by the middle of May next. 120 stonecutters and masons from Scotland, the Canada’s and the United States will be upon the ground early in the season. The residue of the works upon No. 2 Section will amount to 49,807 cubic yards of excavation and 7593 sold Perches of Masonary. With these arrangements properly acted upon the contractors cannot fail to ensure a speedy and successful termination of their engagements.